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Below are options for your brand new eCart golf cart, browse the different things you can add to you cart or click on a model type to learn more about it. Financing is available for all models of eCART.

* Prices are based off base model golf carts with no accessories or upgrade. Images may vary from cart price.

* Price does not include Florida state sales tax, tile, or shipping fee.


Options / Accessories:

Customize your cart for your needs. Take a look at some golf cart options for your new DMF eCART.

Option prices listed below.

Optional Parts Price List: MSRP
Folding windshield upgrade – DOT approved $174.00
Front Basket & grill protector $169.00
2 Tone Seats $139.00
Extended long Roof $125.00
4” aluminum wheel spacer kit (all 4 wheels) $179.00
Blue tooth Stereo $175.00
Outdoor storage protective cover $119.00
Rain protective enclosure $119.00
Rear flip seat cup holder / padded arm rest $79.00
Hydro Link battery watering system w/ pump $229.00
Golf cart accessories
Club Canopy rain protector elite $249.00
Rear flip seat bag holder attachment $189.00
Sand bottle and holder $64.00
Golf ball cleaner and holder $74.00
12" aluminum mag rim & golf course turf tire $400.00
14" aluminum mag rim & golf course turf tire $450.00
eCart EVO add on optional parts
Rear Flip seat $300.00
LED head light kit $250.00
10" aluminum mag rim & golf course turf tire $300.00


Standard eCart electric golf cart wattage is 3000w. The six seat models automatically come with a 4000w motor this doesn't not mean the cart is "faster" it is designed to pull more weight.