Start you new cart with a selection from our body styles:

Below are options for your brand new eCart golf cart, browse the different things you can add to you cart or click on a model type to learn more about it. Financing is available for all models of eCART.

* Prices are based off base model golf carts with no accessories or upgrade. Images may vary from cart price.

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Golf Cart Color Options:

Standard equipment included with any base model golf carts are your choice of cart color and single color seat. We have a wide variety of golf cart colors to choose from.


Standard eCart electric golf cart wattage is 3000w. The six seat models automatically come with a 4000w motor this doesn't not mean the cart is "faster" it is designed to pull more weight.

Options / Accessories:

Customize your cart for your needs. Take a look at some golf cart options for your new DMF eCART.

Option prices listed below.

Not 100% sure what you want on your golf cart? Take a look at the galley page for inspiration and find what combination works best for you. What are you using the E Cart for, is it trails, farm, golf, or yard work? Get the necessities for what your trying to do.

Optional Parts Prices:

These are prices for additional items or a replacement, when you buy an eCART some of these options are INCLUDED with the golf cart.

Extended Long Roof: $125

Folding Windshield Upgrade: $174

Front Cargo Basket & Grill: $169

4" Aluminum Wheel Spacer Kit: $179


Trailer ball hitch: $97

Reinforced Trailer Hitch Adapter: $156

2 Tone Seats: $139

Blue Tooth Radio: $175

* Price does not include Florida state sales tax, tile, or shipping fee.