Standard Model Specifications

Golf Cart Upgrades

Every Naples eCart provides a wide range of standard equipment. Choose your eCart model, golf cart color, and seat color. Plus choose even more options to customize your cart.

Additional Included Equipment for the Standard Model Golf Cart

Stock equipment on standard body style golf carts: Your golf cart will come stock with a lift kit, 12" aluminum rims with off road tires, spring leaf shocks, rear drum brakes, extended roof, glass windshield, standard front seat, front brush guard, FM radio, two USB phone chargers, 12v power port, side mirrors, dashboard storage area, cup holders, smart charging port (cart charger) with on-board power inverter AC to DC, and charging cord.

Safety features include head lights, tail lights, turn signals, a horn, and seat belts.

Standard Model refers to the PRO and PRO PLUS models.

eCART Battery Maintenance

Here is a GREAT video on our Trojan Batteries for maintenance or you can check out this PDF of the Trojan Battery User Guide.

These other images show your front axle with leaf springs, battery compartment located under the front bench seat, and the rear axle with the DC 48v electric motor. These are standard features on all body style E Carts. Have and questions that need answers? Click over to our CONTACT US page.

rear axel and electric motor for golf cart front axel and leaf spring shocks for golf cart Six 8v trojan batteries (48v electric golf cart)

Click These images for a better look.

Come see our show room located in Naples, Florida. Have a look for yourself, see what we can offer in quality with our DMF E Cart golf carts.

Can my eCART be a Street Legal golf cart?

Our golf carts come with a variety of standard equipment the specifications list will show you standard model features. The eCART PRO, PRO PLUS, and GT Classic have the option to be able to be converted to a street legal golf cart with little change.

By purchasing our DOT approved golf cart windshield you can replace your eCART's existing windshield with the DOT one and you are on your way to making it a street legal golf cart. You must also have a manual windshield wiper installed on this windshield as well as a lighted license plate bracket installed on the back of the eCART. Reflectors must be in the front and rear of the eCART (red reflectors in the rear and orange/amber reflectors in the front).

We sell a DOT approved windshield for $299.99 Installation instructions here.

Approved by the DMV as a "Converted Golf Cart"

Prior to titling and registering a converted golf cart, the vehicle must be inspected and assigned a VIN at a Motorist Services Regional Office.

Trailer the converted golf cart to a Motorist Services Regional Office and present the following documents and fees for an inspection, VIN assignment, title and registration:

  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or a bill of sale for the golf cart form HSMV 84490 (Statement of Builder) completed by customer and compliance examiner/inspector;
  • Form HSMV 86064 (Affidavit for Golf Cart Modified to a Low Speed Vehicle)
  • Original bill(s)s of sale or receipt(s) for all parts used to convert the golf cart;
  • Certified weight slip for the converted golf cart.
    Form HSMSV 82040 (Application for Title)
  • Proof of Florida insurance (minimum $10,000 PDL and $10,000 PIP)
  • Sales tax or sales tax exemption information for all parts
  • Identification - driver license, ID card or passport
  • Applicable fees,
  • Inspection fee
  • Initial registration fee, if applicable
  • Title fee
  • Registration fee (varies by weight of vehicle)
  • Plate fee

Information from Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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