The below picture is the US Battery model 8VGCXC that is standard issue in all our 2020 year and newer eCart models:

US Battery are American made deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries specifically designed for golf carts. With a history of excellence spanning from 1926 to the present, US battery is confident to demonstrate the validity of the industry’s trust in a top of the line battery.  US Battery offers a variety of power solutions to a wide range of applications all backed by a solid worldwide warranty.
At eCart we offer three different US Battery models for customers to choose from; Standard Capacity, High Capacity and Long Distance Capacity. When purchasing a new eCart batteries can be chosen for customers exact needs and demands. Please let us our Sales Representative help you in deciding what US Battery is best suited for your eCart.

Can my eCart golf cart be driven on the public streets legally?

This question depends on where you live and where you plan on driving your golf cart. Many housing developments have private owned streets and they may allow their residents to drive golf carts in these communities. Always, check with your home owners association for rules and regulations regarding golf carts that will be driven within your neighborhood.

eCart golf carts come with a variety of standard safety equipment. Please refer to the specifications list as it will show you the details and features. The eCart PRO, PRO PLUS, and GT Classic models comes standard with seat belts on all seats, horn, turn signals, head, tail and brake lights. The eCart EVO has the option to add this safety kit to the cart.

By purchasing our optional upgraded DOT approved golf cart windshield you are on your way to making your eCart it a street legal golf cart. Also, there is the optional upgrade to add a manual windshield wiper. This DOT approved windshield sells for $139.99 please see installation instructions here.

I want to drive my eCart to Publix, the Beach and park it in front of my favorite restaurant on 5th Avenue, are these places legal to drive my eCart?

If your planning on driving on public streets a golf cart must be Department Of Transportation (DOT) approved as a LOW SPEED VEHICLE (LSV). After a state inspected approval your "golf cart" is now called a "Low Speed Vehicle" (LSV). It could now acquire a state issued license plate and correct type of LSV insurance policy. You cannot drive a golf cart that was converted to LSV on highways or streets with speed limit that are over 35mph. Parking a LSV in metered parking spots are ok.

If you need a golf cart that is fully legal for public streets please add our optional upgrade LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) DOT street legal package of $1,299.00 to any of our eCarts. When you order the LSV package your new cart will be built with all the correct parts, specifications, documents and DOT inspections.  We do all the work and you will only need to bring our paperwork to the DMV office and you can get a license plate.

For more information about the street legal process please call our eCart main phone number (239) 224 3464

Standard Model Specifications

  • Safety Equipment: Head lights, tail lights, horn, turn signals, seat belts in all positions.
  • Purpose: Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) or golf cart
  • Passenger Capacity: 2 - 6 person depending on option.
  • Gross Weight: 1743 - 2585 lbs (varies with options)
  • Max Speed: 20 MPH
  • Turning Radius: 11.5'
  • Chassis: Steel material and with powder coating surface
  • Rim size: 10" with street tires or 12" with off road tires.
  • Climbing Capacity: 30-45° (varies with wattage)
  • Power type: Electric motor
  • Distance per charge: 40-50 miles
  • Charge Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Charger: On-board input AC 110V, output DC 48V/25A
  • Motor: DC 48V in 3000w / 4000w / 5000w motor size
  • Battery: US Battery model 8VGCXC
  • Controller: USA Curtis brand, 48V/4KW

Golf Cart Upgrades

Every Naples eCart provides a wide range of standard equipment. Choose your eCart model, golf cart color, and seat color. Plus choose even more options to customize your cart.
  • Extended Roof
  • Front Cargo Basket
  • Folding Windshield
  • Extended Roof
  • Front Cargo Basket
  • Reinforced trailer ball hitch (more weight)
  • Standard trailer ball hitch
  • And more

Additional Included Equipment for the Standard Model Golf Cart

Stock equipment on standard body style golf carts: Your golf cart will come stock with a lift kit, 12" aluminum rims with off road tires, spring leaf shocks, rear drum brakes, extended roof, glass windshield, standard front seat, front brush guard, FM radio, two USB phone chargers, 12v power port, side mirrors, dashboard storage area, cup holders, smart charging port (cart charger) with on-board power inverter AC to DC, and charging cord.

Safety features include head lights, tail lights, turn signals, a horn, and seat belts.

Standard Model refers to the PRO and PRO PLUS models.

Information for Earlier Model Ecarts

eCART Battery Maintenance

Here is a GREAT video on our Trojan Batteries for maintenance or you can check out this PDF of the Trojan Battery User Guide.

These other images show your front axle with leaf springs, battery compartment located under the front bench seat, and the rear axle with the DC 48v electric motor. These are standard features on all body style E Carts. Have and questions that need answers? Click over to our CONTACT US page.

rear axel and electric motor for golf cart front axel and leaf spring shocks for golf cart Six 8v trojan batteries (48v electric golf cart)

Click These images for a better look.

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